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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Pods will try to answer your frequently asked questions. If there is a question you would like to ask, please get in touch.

Is there a deposit?

Only Corporate events booking more than one unit need to pay a £100 deposit. Private households, clubs and School do not need to pay a deposit.

Do you Deliver & Set-up, Dismantle & Collect?

Yes this is Pods Inflatables standard procedure

When are the Inflatables available to hire?

Pods Inflatable’s are available to hire 7 days a week all year, including bank holidays

Do you give discount for combined orders i.e., castle & slide & sumo suits?

Yes we give discounts for combined orders, we call these Pods Party Packs, and there is a multiple choice to choose from. But if you can’t find the combination you require from our list we will design a Pods Party Pack for you

Do you supply instructions?

Yes we supply you with instructions on how to use the inflatable, and a guide on safety, but also remember common sense and supervision by yourselves is also required. Children should not be left unsupervised on the Inflatables. This applies even more so to young adults and teenagers for safety reasons. As they are often more energetic and sometimes become hyperactive on Inflatables. You, the hirer, as an adult are responsible for the supervision, and use of the equipment, Inflatables and people using the Inflatables at all times

Can we set up or move the Inflatables ourselves?

No. For safety reasons you must not move, interfere with, or dismantle any of the Inflatables yourselves once a Pods Inflatables trained employee has erected them.
This could course damage to the inflatable or course the inflatable to be wrongly set-up. Under no circumstances should the units be moved or adjusted from its original set-up. Including ground pegs and sheets. For further information please feel free to visit HSE’s website direct.

How close to the electricity does it need to be?

We have up to 50m extension leads. Any further than this will require a generator to be hired. Generator Hire

Can you get these through a gate and up and down steps?

We can get through a gate (minimum of 2.5 feet wide).
We can do steps, but with some of the larger inflatables you may need to help us.

How long does it take Pods Inflatables to set the Inflatable’s up?

This can vary on the amount of Inflatable’s hired usually it takes around 20 minutes. More time will be required if there is some distance from the parking area to the site for setting up.

How long does it take you to dismantle the Inflatables?

About the same time as it takes to erect may be slightly longer depending on the conditions, layout and size

If requested do you supply staff to supervise the Inflatables?

Yes we can supply staff to supervise or host but this must be requested at the time of booking, as this may incur an extra charge. (£15 per hour) In most cases a hired supervisor or host can free your time, enabling you to enjoy the event.
Some main event packages come with a supervisor or supervisors

Do you supply to or host corporate events or charity events?

Yes Pods Inflatable’s can supply arrange or design a corporate package, anything from employee bonding, to fun days and sponsored events, give us a call and we will be more than happy to help

Do Inflatables explode?

No. Reports in the media are reported in a way to get maximum exposure, they like to play on words and forget the facts. Inflatables do not explode. The seams can split open if they have not been maintained, this can be caused from very high volume usage, sand, sea water and not being dried after rain. It is a legal requirement to have inflatables inspected each year. We have our test certificates linked to our inflatables on each page of this website. Maintenance is extremely important to us, as this directly relates to safety. You can be sure our inflatables are safe when used correctly. Don’t forget to supervisor young users.

Are they dangerous?

We would like to say no…but, as with all things these days, yes they can be. With play there are risks. the more fun you have then usually the more risk there is. There will be more than one child playing in a close area, so they could bang in to each other, fall or get knocked over. Supervision is usually the key factor to resolve most things. Ensure they are not too enthusiastic and they use the equipment correctly; not climbing on the walls, playing around the back where the blower and electrics are, not pushing each other etc. We are required by law to do as much as possible to keep users as safe as possible. For the chance in a million that someone is seriously hurt we have insurance. We have never had to claim on it and we want to keep it that way.

How do I book or make an enquiry?

Please call us to book, details on the contact us page or you can e-mail for further details

My Frequently Asked Questions is not answered

Please call, text or email us your Frequently Asked Questions that Pods has not answered. Pods will be more than happy to answer it, details on the contact us page.

Frequently Asked Questions answered.

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